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What Is Structural Assessment?

What Is Structural Assessment

Structural assessment is an important field of study for civil engineers, as the objective is to inspect existing structures and determine their safety and stability. Civil engineers must have the right technical knowledge and experience to assess the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels and other structures.

A structural assessment is a thorough inspection of an existing structure to determine its safety and stability. The assessment is usually conducted by a civil engineer, who will have the necessary technical knowledge and experience to assess the structural integrity of the structure. The engineer will inspect the structure for any signs of damage or structural instability, and will also assess the condition of the foundation, support systems and any other structural components.

Why we need Structural Assessments;

Assessment of the structures are done for different reasons that may be for mandatory or any other reasons. The main focus of structural assessments are as follows.

  • When it required to modify the existing structure where there are not structural drawings of the structure.
  • When it is required to assess the condition of the old structure
  • When existing structure, may be newly build structure, cases excessive settlements.
  • Cracking of new structure; brick walls cracks or structural cracks in the beams, columns etc.
  • When it found that part of the structure is not having the adequate strength after the construction; this may known by testing of the concrete cubes casted at when concrete is poured.

Main Stages of Structural Assessment

It is required to follow the basic procedure when structural assessment is done. It is more common for all the types of structural assessments.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Taking necessary measurements
  • Testing of structure
  • Analyzing and designing of the structure, if required
  • Providing recommendations

Analysis and Design

This will be done based on the requirements of the structural assessment. It may not be required to do the structural analysis and design for all the structural assessments.

Available structural drawings and architectural drawings, actual site measurements, etc. will be used for the modeling of the structure. Material properties such as grade of concrete, strength of reinforcements, etc. will be used from the existing drawings. When they are not available or deviate from the test results, the material properties will be modified based on the actual conditions found from the tests.

Providing Recommendations
All the information gathered during the structural assessment will be used to come to a conclusion for providing the necessary recommendations.

Observations made during the site inspection, test results, analysis results, design outcome, site measurements, etc. will be studied in this process and based on those results, the recommendations will be provided.

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