Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Welcome to our ADU information page! We have gathered our information and plans related to ADUs and compiled it all here! Granny Flats, Mother-in-law quarters, and backyard units are all considered to be Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Jackson & Sands Engineering provides plan designs, engineering, and planning consultations to help get you started with building an ADU, regardless of where you are located within California. We are happy to work with you in creating a custom design to fit your property and needs or providing prepackaged designs that can save you both time and money (as well as renting the unit out sooner!).

We’re excited to help you with your housing solutions. Drop us a quick note today and let us know where you live and what types of housing opportunities you are searching for.

Why ADUs

Generally, ADUs can provide an economical housing solution to many of your housing problems!

ADUs can serve multiple purposes, from providing housing opportunities to aging family members while still maintaining privacy to providing long term (and in many jurisdictions short term) rental income. 

ADUs can provide as much living space as apartments or condominiums, and can be well suited for all age groups, from young adults to seniors and everyone in between! Additionally, ADUs have become popular with empty nesters ready to down size, but not ready to leave their beloved property and/or neighborhood. 

ADUs can provide much needed passive income by creating rental units on property you already own!

Below you will find more detailed information about ADUs, from FAQs to energy code requirements to what specific legislation changed on January 1, 2020 and much more.

Articles Related to ADUs

Permit Ready Plan Programs

There’s a growing handful of local jurisdictions that are providing ADU plans to their residents at greatly reduced prices. These plans are already approved with the building department that is supplying them, thus reducing time in developing plans and going through the plan check process. If you are lucky enough to live within one of these jurisdictions and use their plans, you likely only need to develop a site plan and have the energy calculations updated with your address. Here’s the links to the jurisdictions that currently have these plans available:

Additionally, many more jurisdictions are actively working on providing their residents similar plans and programs. Some of these jurisdictions include Placer County, Town of Danville, and the City of Chico.

Lastly, local Jurisdictions such as San Jose share which private companies have permit ready plans for you to browse and purchase from the vendor.
Please let us know if you know of other local jurisdictions that have already implemented a program or are currently working on it.

Our Plans

We have several plans with multiple options developed to help reduce the time and effort required to get you an ADU! Options include different roof styles, varying architectural features, Universal Design layouts, and more. Furthermore, these plans can be adapted to your local jurisdictional requirements. These plans include:

  • 496 Conditioned SQFT, 624 Total Square Feet
  • 599 Conditioned SQFT, 663 Total Square Feet
  • 749 Conditioned SQFT, 875 Total Square Feet
  • 749 Conditioned SQFT, 800 Total Square Feet

Send us an email at for a PDF of the floor plan and elevations*. Please include which plan(s) you are looking at and the City or local jurisdiction you are inquiring from.

*These floor plans and elevations are intended for personal planning purposes only and do not constitute a full set of engineered plans ready for permitting.