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What Is A Site Plan

What Is A Site Plan

What Is a Site Plan?
A site plan (also called a plot plan) is a drawing that shows the layout of a property or “site”. A site plan often includes the location of buildings as well as outdoor features such as driveways and walkways. In addition, site plans often show landscaped areas, gardens, swimming pools or water, trees, terraces, and more. Site plans can be large-scale showing entire plots of land with the buildings on-site or can be of smaller scale useful for creating a garden or backyard plan.

Why Are Site Plans Important?

Site plans are essential for garden designers and landscapers to create layouts and show changes to a property.

Site plans are also an important part of marketing real estate properties to show the complete property, including key outdoor features. Site plans give potential homebuyers an idea of the size, scale, and orientation of the property, better than photos do.

Site Plan vs. Floor Plan

The difference between a site plan and a floor plan is that a site plan demonstrates all the structures on a property area or piece of land whilst a floor plan illustrates the interior layout of a building.

Both site plans and floor plans are useful in presenting a property, with site plans having the added benefit of including the surrounding grounds and plot.

Types of Site Plans

There are three types of site plans that are helpful for real estate, landscape design, and home improvement projects:

  • 2D Site Plans

A 2D Site Plan gives you a clear overview of the layout of your property. It can be a simple black and white diagram or color-coded to show different landscape features such as green areas or paved areas.

  • 3D Site Plans

A 3D Site Plan is a full-colored 3D rendering of your landscape layout. 3D Site Plans make it easy to understand and visualize what the landscape actually looks like including details such as structures, materials, plantings, and more.

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