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Tools and Technology: EnergyPro

tools and technology energy pro

At Jackson & Sands Engineering, Inc., a wide array of tools are available to us to create effective solutions for you. In our industry, like many others, not one tool can complete every job, and not all tools are needed for every project. Much like a carpenter who has their most commonly used tools in their toolbags, yet more tools in their toolbox, and even more tools that are rented for specialized projects, we find ourselves using our core tools on most aspects of every project. Other tools may be used less frequently on most projects, and even more tools are needed on a case-by-case basis. The most commonly used tools for us include:

EnergyPro– This software allows us to model residential homes for energy compliance. We can create tradeoffs utilizing this program, such as modeling a less efficient HVAC unit and, at the same time, increasing insulation in the roof and or walls and upgrading windows to balance out the energy consumption of a home.


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