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What Is The Gradient Of The Road And Types Of Gradient Of Road

A gradient is a rate at which a road goes up or down along its path. A road’s gradient rises or decreases with the road’s horizontal alignment. It’s the height difference between where you started and where you ended, expressed over the same length of time. Slopes and other undulations on the land’s surface are […]

Top 10 Tips For Engineering Students

The onset of another academic year heralds a fresh intake of bright young engineers preparing to tackle the rigours of an undergraduate or postgraduate engineering degree. Of course, you’re already an accomplished student, so we won’t bore you with finger-wagging lectures about burning the candle at both ends. Instead, we’d like to offer you ten […]

Steel Beams-The Backbone Of Modern Construction

Steel beams are horizontal or diagonal structural members that are designed to carry transverse loading across a span onto vertical columns at each end. They provide support to floors, roofs, and walls in buildings as well as serve as main spanning members in bridges. Types Of Steel Beams Common types of steel beams consist of […]

What Is Asphalt Floor? Its Uses, Preparation And Installation

Asphalt is petroleum liquid with a very high viscosity. In many settings, asphalt flooring is the best solution. Asphalt mastic is created by mixing asphalt and sand in a 2:1 ratio when used as a flooring layer over a concrete subfloor. In place of sand, asphalt can be used to create a marble mosaic. Aside […]

Footing Thickness and Factors Affecting Thickness

There are many factors to consider when determining the optimal foundation thickness and the minimum foundation thickness. Foundation width and thickness are interconnected, and they depend on the load applied to the foundation. Factors Affecting Footing Thickness Soil type The type of soil on the project site will have a big impact on the required […]

Column Failure And Its Different Types

Column is a very important structural component that boosts the structural integrity . It transfers the load from the structure to the ground through foundation. The entire stability of structure lies on how perfect the column is designed and constructed. The failure of the reinforced concrete column leads to the failure of the whole structure. […]

Safety on the Job: Protecting Lives on the Job

In the bustling world of construction, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a fundamental necessity. The construction industry, while essential, is inherently risky, with numerous potential hazards that can jeopardize the well-being of workers and even bystanders. This comprehensive article delves into the critical topic of safety in construction, exploring the measures, protocols, and best […]

What Is Structural Assessment?

Structural assessment is an important field of study for civil engineers, as the objective is to inspect existing structures and determine their safety and stability. Civil engineers must have the right technical knowledge and experience to assess the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels and other structures. A structural assessment is a thorough inspection […]

Failure Modes in Concrete Beams: Flexural and Shear Failure

Failure modes in reinforced concrete beams are classified into two major types: flexural failure and shear failure. The former occurs when the imposed load exceeds the flexural capacity of the materials of the beam, while the latter occurs due to deficiency in shear resistance between different materials of the beam. These failure modes are further […]

Types Of Structural Failures And Common Causes

Structural failures can have catastrophic consequences, leading to loss of life, property damage, and economic implications. Understanding the causes, impacts, and prevention of failures is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings and infrastructure. In this article, we will explore the common causes of structural failures, examine notable case studies, discuss the impact […]